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Gallon Refill Red

Due to the pandemic, sprayers & bottles are in EXTREME low shortage! Please KEEP YOUR BOTTLES & SPRAYERS!!! You can order this refill! 

Haluch's No Buggz All Natural Fly Spray Red is for Horses/Livestock/Humans/Dogs and is non-toxic and chemical free. Have comfort in knowing that with every spritz you apply to your horse/pet - it is safe for the environment and the entire family. If used on your Equine Friend, their coat will also benefit from the added oils and the scent is refreshing.

Cedar Oil repels the following bugs: Beetles, Flies, Lice, Mosquitoes, Fleas,
Cockroaches, Spiders, Ticks & Moths!

No Buggz is DEET free and I repeat - ALL NATURAL! 

Gallon Bottle 

Ingredients: Cedar Oil, Polysorbate & Water

Please Note: If your horse has sensitive skin or are using this product for the time, we advise patch testing prior to first time use.